Women of Waterproofing (“WOW”) Networking Group

Launching the Women of Waterproofing Networking Group has been a great success.

Thank you to all the inspirational ladies who attended.

The theme of the lunch held on Thursday 17thMay was “Seeking to Inspire by Being Inspired”.

Topics of conversation included:

  • How did you get into the Waterproofing Sector?
  • How can we encourage other females into the waterproofing sector?
  • Have you experienced or encountered a “gender” gap in your current role?

Recent stats reveal that 1 in 4 female professionals don’t currently network – a surprising amount! Networking is essential in any industry, but you could argue it is even more so in the Waterproofing Sector.

Women make up around 14% of construction professionals within the United Kingdom, the Waterproofing Sector is lacking somewhat behind, women make up only 3% of waterproofing professionals.

There is a huge amount to be done to ensure that we are attracting, recruiting and retaining talented women into the full range of roles and at all levels within the structural waterproofing industry.

The Women of Waterproofing Networking Group are focused on developing and encouraging more women into waterproofing sector and for greater acceptance.

Follow us on Twitter @WOWNetworkGroup or join our LinkedIn Group at https://www.linkedin.com/groups/8658144

About Delta Membrane Systems Limited

Improving the diversity of the people we employ is important to Delta Membrane Systems Limited. We recognise that it is not only right to ensure that people of all genders and backgrounds are able to access fulfilling careers in the waterproofing sector; but that as a business, we fully reflect the society we serve.

As part of Delta Membrane Systems Limited’s commitment to diversity and inclusion, we are working hard to increase the representation of female CSSW qualified Waterproofing Design Specialists.

Our diversity and inclusion strategies include offering unconscious bias CSSW Training at our facilities in Epping, Essex and within our diversity and inclusion five-year plan offering Waterproofing Design Specialist Apprenticeships.

We have also undertaken a range of initiatives aimed at tackling the gender gap, including supporting and sponsoring the Women of Waterproofing Networking Group and unconscious bias training for all staff members across our business.

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