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Waterproofing Buried roofs/Podium Decks/Balconies & Terraces

Buried RoofIn various formats podium decks have been around for many years, however they are becoming more widely used on top of basement constructions as either paved areas, gardens or terraces.

A podium deck is a structural element which is essentially an elevated platform which allows for usage both above and below, these may be terraces over underground car parks, gardens over basements, balconies over terraces and patios.

With their increase in popularity there is an increased need to ensure the waterproofing design is correct both for the above area use and the below deck use. Continuity of waterproofing and/or appropriate overlapping and detailing is critical for success.

Buried RoofThe key to successful waterproofing is a robust design considered at the earliest stage of the project.

Delta Membrane Systems Limited has a comprehensive range of waterproofing and drainage products specifically suited for the successful waterproofing of buried roofs, podium decks, balconies and terraces.





Considerations for the appropriate waterproofing products include:

  • Deck/Buried roof construction material
  • Number of joints
  • Movement due to deflection under loading
  • Build up on top of deck
  • Use of space below
  • Tightness of site space (built to plot boundaries).

Delta membrane Systems product range includes:

buried roofFor surface preparation, joint sealing and detailing products include Köster Repair Mortar Plus, Köster SB Bonding, Köster KBE Liquid Film, Köster Poylsil TG500 and Köster KB Flex 200.

For liquid applied waterproofing layers products include Köster Deuxan 2C, Köster 21, Köster NB400 incorporating either Köster Glass Fibre Mesh or Köster Flex Fabric.

Bonded sheet membranes include Köster KSK SY  15 bitumen sheet system.

Additional drainage and protection layers include the Delta Geo Drain Quattro, Delta Terraxx and Delta NP-Drain.

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