Delta launches new CPD training for Cold Liquid Applied

Delta Membrane Systems Limited has launched an engaging and informative CPD seminar on cold liquid applied waterproofing. The RIBA approved seminar is part of Delta’s portfolio of learning and development tools, aimed at architects, specifiers, developers, and contractors to help build their knowledge base and keep delegates updated on new techniques and innovations in the structural waterproofing industry.

‘Cold Liquid Applied Waterproofing’ RIBA-approved CPD seminar has been rigorously assessed and is worth double CPD points to RIBA Chartered Architects. Covered topics will help attendees understand how to design and the installation process of cold liquid applied waterproofing systems.  Cold liquid applied waterproofing can be used for green roofs, balconies, terraces, car parks, large roofs and both commercial and domestic structures.

About Cold Liquid Applied Waterproofing

Cold liquid applied waterproofing is seamless and fully bonds to the substrate, so is ideal for use over existing roofs.  If an existing waterproofing system has failed, applying a simple cold liquid waterproofing overlay can be a very cost-effective solution, and its bonding characteristics make it much more reliable.  Cold applied liquid waterproofing is also suitable for new projects, particularly those with complex detailing, upstands, edge details, penetrations, and terminations.

For new structures, it is recommended that the structural design, waterproofing design, and construction processes are considered together.

About Delta

Kevin Dodds, Delta’s MD, said: “CPD, or continuing professional development, can take many forms – supporting people to enhance their knowledge aligns with Delta’s ethos of best practice in encouraging the effectiveness of understanding products, their application and ultimately creating a robust design.”

“Cold liquid applied waterproofing is a great innovation in the industry, so offering designers a better understanding of this innovative market will ensure individuals are better equipped to confidentially specify a relatively new approach to structural waterproofing”.


CPD Seminars Available

Delta Membrane Systems Limited is proudly a member of RIBA’s CPD Providers Network.

Delta currently has 6 RIBA approved seminars, from Waterproofing Below Ground Structures to Flood Resilience, not to mention a catalogue of educational seminars available on demand.

You can book your FREE CPD session with Delta Membrane Systems Limited at a time and place that suits you. We are happy to deliver our seminars online or arrange a visit to your offices. To book your CPD session, please email info@deltamembranes.com.

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