The Certificated Surveyor in Structural Waterproofing or CSSW is the only nationally recognised and specific qualification for waterproofing specialist surveyors or for individuals who are not only involved in diagnosing problems with water entering structures below ground, but who are also providing design solutions.

Developed by the Property Care Association (the PCA) the CSSW training scheme is one way of demonstrating that a competent person has designed a structural waterproofing scheme (required by BS 8102:2009).

Section 4.2 of BS 8102:2009 under the heading “Design Team”, the code states: –

A waterproofing specialist should be included as part of the design team so that an integrated waterproofing solution is created. The waterproofing specialist should:-
a) be suitably experienced;
b) be capable of devising solutions that accommodate the various project constraints and needs;
c) provide the design team with information and guidance that assists with and influences the design, installation and future maintenance of the waterproofed structure

Delta Membrane Systems Limited are delighted to be given permission by the PCA (The Property Care Association) to deliver this highly desirable course at our HQ in Epping, Essex.

The CSSW qualification is only suitable for those who have worked within the construction/waterproofing sector and have prior knowledge on waterproofing at below ground level.

The intensive course covers the principals of structural waterproofing, including waterproofing design, anticipated defects and design philosophy, as well as Type A, B and C systems in accordance with BS 8102:2009 – Code of Practice for the Protection of Below Ground Structures Against Water from the Ground. To become certified, along with their experiences gained, participants undergo an initial 3-day intensive training programme, a 2.5 hour written exam, a 20-minute oral exam and a 2 hour Legal and Health & Safety written exam.

The Property Care Association has devised a Waterproofing Design Register which provides a central point for individuals with the relevant waterproofing design skills.  Once CSSW qualified, individuals can be added to the Register, provided they are a member or are employed by a member of the Property Care Association, have an on-going commitment to skills and development and participate in the PCA’s Continued Professional Development (CPD) Scheme and hold Professional Indemnity Insurance.

The PCA Waterproofing Design Register helps building developers, architects, builders to single out those with the appropriate skills and knowledge who can be trusted to give the correct information on designing structural waterproofing schemes for below ground projects.


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