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Proven performance from the UK’s most trusted Type C waterproofing membrane manufacturer, Delta Membrane Systems Limited is delighted to be launching Delta Amphibia a new BBA Certified Pre- and Post- Applied Membrane System.

Delta Amphibia is a pre- and post- applied fully bonded waterproofing membrane with reactive core, this hydro-reactive, self-healing, self-sealing multi-layer waterproofing system which can be applied on vertical and horizontal areas of new construction.

Whether your construction project has below-ground levels for accommodation, storage, car parking or services, it is vital for the structure to remain and be maintained as waterproof.

Water ingress in below ground structures causes numerous issues, implementing waterproofing measures at the critical concept stage will offer an effective waterproofing strategy.

Below ground waterproofing products, such as Delta Amphibia are a smart solution to ensure your basements are kept dry and safe.  Delta Amphibia is a fully flexible and fully bonded pre-applied waterproofing membrane with self-repairing, self-sealing and self-fastening capabilities.

With varying water tables, basements and below ground structures are exposed to aggressive ground conditions such as contamination and stress which require a robust waterproofing solution that is durable, dependable, and high performing.

The function of a pre-applied waterproofing solution is engineered protect the concrete structure itself against water ingress.  From residential to commercial, Delta Amphibia is an ideal solution for the protection of underground structures.

This unique membrane is composed of three layers of unequalled features such as Tight Barrier (watertight layer), Core (self-sealing and self-repairing expansive safety layer, even in the event of puncture), and Active Barrier (a hydro-reactive layer with controlled expansion, which prevents side water seepage and seals the overlaps).

Delta Amphibia can be used in horizontal or vertical applications and is suitable for all ground floor and basement construction including lift pits, raft foundations, open basement excavation, sealing on internal formworks, construction joints, sheet piles, micropiles and service penetrations.

Delta Amphibia is manufactured to the highest quality and backed by independent test certificates including BBA.

Understanding the entire below ground waterproofing process and which products to use is of critical importance to keeping structures dry, which is why Delta’s knowledgeable expert Technical Team are here to help.  From design to completion, our Technical Team will be on hand to offer their knowledge and experience.

To speak to Delta’s Technical Team or for specification support email: info@deltamembranes.com or visit www.deltamembranes.com

If you have a general question, or if you would like to talk to someone but you are unsure which team you should speak to, you can call us on 01992 523 523.

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