As Delta Membrane Systems Limited launches their new 895 Chamber for foul and grey water collection, Delta’s MD, Kevin Dodds reflects on the journey from product concept to production.

“We bring an unwavering commitment to help our customers succeed, promote best practice and to continually offer product which meet the need of the industry.   It’s that sense of purpose and opportunity that drives us”.

“Basement drainage products are an unseen, humdrum, characterless aspect to structural waterproofing.  To us, basement drainage systems are a marvel and one not to be underestimated”.

“Using our experience and industry knowledge we saw an opportunity in creating and manufacturing basement drainage systems to complement our Type C waterproofing membranes – investing in single-source responsibility.  The main advantage of Delta manufacturing both Type C waterproofing systems and basement drainage systems is one which benefits all from developers to contractors and most importantly end users”.

The redesigned Delta V3, V4, V6 (695 chambers) and V3 foul (895 chamber) delivers core performance expected from the Delta brand, whilst streamlining installation by reducing excavation and backfill costs.

“We haven’t just reinvented a product or two, we have reinvented our product range to meet industry needs.   The wheel has been reinvented thousands of times to serve thousands of different purposes. It had to be reinvented because it was being used for different purposes. The world changes from technologies to expectations.  As the world changes, we need new and various kinds of wheels to help us solve the same problems.”

Submersible pumps/Packaged Pump Stations

As you may have guessed from the name, a submersible pump is one that is designed to be immersed in a substance (from groundwater to foul water).  Whilst foul pumps are focused on pumping away foul and grey water, a groundwater sump pump will usually be installed as part of a Type C waterproofing solution for the evacuation of groundwater or surface water from a basement.

Packaged Pump Stations are a complete unit.  Comprising of chamber, pumps, pipework kit, valves, etc which are pre-assembled as a complete unit.

The Delta V3 Foul Packaged Pump Stations are suitable for collecting wastewater from kitchens, bathrooms and/or utility rooms and discharging this into the mains drainage system.

The Delta Foul V3 is an effective way of moving foul/grey water to where it needs to be.

Advantages of the 895 Sump Pump Chambers:

  • New unique design
  • Finite Element Analysis (FEA)
  • Increased storage capacity
  • Preformed Base Plate for pump location and installation stability
  • Preformed float backet for Delta HLA
  • Sealing lip
  • Compatible with Delta V3 Foul sump pumps
  • New slim lid able to withstand pedestrian traffic

Delta Pumps are proud to be manufacturing and fabricating all their sump pump chambers from their new warehouse facilities in a new dedicated Pump Distribution Hub close to its Epping Headquarters to enhances the company’s ability to serve their nationwide customer base.

To explore the new range of Delta Pumps visit Package Pumps and Basement Drainage Systems – Delta Membranes.

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