Introducing the Ultra Fix, Fixing Plug

Delta Membrane Systems Limited, the leading type C Cavity Drainage Manufacturer showcases their latest product development by launching the new “Ultra Fix” fixing plug.

This new generation of hybrid fixing plug will bring installers and technicians a superior alternative and significant install improvement for all 3 and 8 mm membranes such as the Delta PT, AT800 and 3mm mesh membrane.

During on site trials this innovative product has been reported has having a “great impact resistance and fixing performance. Quicker to use and no breakages.”

Advanced Technology

Now with a new range of accessories, make your PT, AT800 and 3mm membranes the most uncompromising and superior system on the market.

Delta PT Ultra Fix plugs are uniquely designed using high impact polymers and when used with either sealing grommets or sealing rope allow for a watertight, self-sealing finish. Delta Ultra Fix can easily be inserted into pre-drilled holes using a mallet offering a full continuous installation. Delta Ultra Fix plugs are supplied with a 9mm drill bit eliminating installation risk.

Kevin Dodds, Director of Delta Membrane Systems Limited, commented:

“Delta have had a phenomenally successful 12 months in product development with the launches of new membranes and we are excited to be offering new and exciting products which compliment these when it comes to installation.  Product development is a major part of Delta’s business strategy and we are always keen to introduce new innovations across every facet from design to installation. We have received an excellent response to trials and customer feedback has confirmed that we are introducing a great product which encompasses our passion for best practice in the industry”.

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With over 127 years of manufacturing experience Delta is an impeccable partner on every project.  Our skills have been mastered through experience in the waterproofing industry.  Delta’s Technical Team can help from concept to completion. Our hands-on approach and knowledge are what sets us apart.

Our projects include commercial and residential developments, new-build and refurbishment, civil infrastructure projects, flood resilience, resistance and recoverability and domestic basements. Our nationwide network of Delta Registered Installers offers a fully guaranteed installation service.

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