Product Focus – Koster KB Flex 200

What are the best waterproofing products?

With a long background in structural waterproofing, Delta’s Director, Christopher Burbridge, tells us all about one of his favourite products.

As much as I love structural waterproofing (and trust, me I really love it), Koster products really are a place to invest when it comes to your project needs.  I’m not saying you must drop half your budget on a lot of products, but you do have to invest time, research and yes, perhaps a little cash, when it comes to creating a robust solution.

What is it? Where did it come from?

A WOW product and one that never fails to impress me is Koster KB Flex 200.   I absolutely love how Koster KB Flex 200 can instantaneously stop water in its tracks.  Within seconds KB Flex 200 can solve massive problems, turning into an incredibly easy solution.  It’s a great “Impact” product.

It is incredibly useful on lots of waterproofing project and is user-friendly.

Koster Bauchemie AG have been specialising in development and production of high-quality waterproofing systems since 1982.  Their headquarters are in the lovely town of Aurich, Germany.

Delta Membrane Systems is the UK distributor of Koster products.

What does it do?

Koster KB Flex 200 is a permanent plastic sealing compound ideal for sealing pipe and cable penetrations, cavities and for custom detail waterproofing solutions against moisture and pressurized water.

Prior to application, the Koster KB-Flex 200 cartridges are laid into warm water and heated to approx. +30 °C.  This ensures that the material has the optimal consistency for application. The application area flanks must be thoroughly cleaned from the inside so that they are free of dust, sand and other loose particles.

Koster KB Flex 200 must be dimensioned so that the ratio of the width (w) to the diameter (d) of the installed material is not below 1.5:1.  The maximum diameter of the waterproofing is 300 mm. Before applying Koster KB Flex 200, a backing is installed in the penetration at a depth of 10 cm using a common 2C PU foam. The Koster KB Flex 200 cartridge is then placed in the gun and the material is pressed into the penetration from back to front utilizing the nozzle so that the resulting layer thickness is at least 8 cm.

What keeps you continually using it?

Delta has an incredibly famous phrase “locking down a structure”.  When we use this in a technical term, we are looking to stop any active water/leaks percolating through the structure at that time and/or to protect areas that are weak points such as service penetrations, which have the potential to leak.  We need to ensure these areas are sealed prior to the application of the waterproofing system.

As I mentioned previously Koster KB Flex 200 is a great impact product.   It makes the job of “locking down a structure” an incredibly easy one.

Koster KB Flex 200 can be used anywhere – from existing structures, to basements, swimming pools, as well as on new build projects.

The product is ideal because:

  • it doesn’t require ongoing maintenance
  • it instantly can stop flowing water
  • it doesn’t dry out and remains permanently mouldable
  • it adheres extremely well to dry and moist substates
  • it’s a great solution for sealing pipe and cable penetrations along with leak sealing and gap filling and sealing
  • it can be applied to dry, moist or wet substrates
  • it has an immediate functionality
  • it’s suitable for both positive and negative waterproofing

Want to witness Koster KB Flex 200 in action?  We have a great “How to” video guide below and we absolutely love showing our customers how great a product this is by doing live demonstrations at Delta HQ.

If you’re passing HQ and would like a demo – we’ll always be happy to show you the value of this product.

To find out more about Delta products, call 01992 523 523 or email: info@deltamembranes.com.


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