New Battery Backup - Basement Protection

Type C waterproofing solutions are a maintainable waterproofing solution for new build basements, refurbishment and retrofit projects.  A Type C waterproofing solution comprises of two key components, a cavity drainage membrane and basement drainage system.

Most Type C waterproofing projects will require a mechanical pumping station to discharge water that has penetrated the structure.  Mechanical pumping stations in below ground application are often referred to as “Sump pumps”, “sump and pump systems” or “submersible pumps”.

Basement drainage systems typically consist of perimeter drainage channel, a sump chamber along with primary and secondary pump, high water level alarm and/or control panel and battery backup.

A battery backup provides power to a system (in below ground applications, the sump pump system) when the primary source of power is unavailable.

Industry guidance recommends battery backup systems should be included in waterproofing designs to protect Type C waterproofing solutions/sump pump systems in the event of power failure (BS 8102:2022 – Section 10.2.7 – Pumps).

The battery backup unit must be able to power either the primary or secondary pump(s) installed in the ground sump chamber for a 24-hour period – allowing up to a maximum of three activations per hour (PCA Best Practice Guidance – Ground Water pumping stations serving Type C Waterproofing Systems).

Delta UPS

Delta’s UPS (battery backup) can be used in conjunction with a Delta Type C, Cavity Drain Protection system or as a standalone unit, in foul application.  The battery backup unit should be connected in series with the sump pump(s).  The battery backup unit is designed to be located outside the sump pump system, in a dry location.

The stylish Delta UPS is specifically designed for basement drainage systems (submersible pumps/sump pumps) when there is a loss of mains power.  If power failure occurs, the Delta UPS automatically powers the sump pump. The Delta V3 UPS can provide power for 30 minutes continuously, based on a 3.5 m head. This is equivalent to 30 hours protection, in accordance with PCA guidance of a minimum of three activations per hour.

Key features of the UPS

  • Capable of running Delta V range of groundwater sump pumps without mains power,
  • Industry leading backup power,
  • Quick charge to top-up the battery from empty to 80% in just four hours,
  • Digital display to show status and comprehensive fault codes,
  • Virtually inaudible,
  • A buzzer alerts the user when the pump is drawing power from the Delta UPS,
  • Simple to use and easy to install.

Delta Battery Backups

The Delta Battery Backup provides abundant battery backup power, so your sump pump system can continue working through short and medium length power outages.  Safeguarding your sump pump equipment and keeping basements remaining dry.

Attractively wall mounted not only does the Delta Battery Backup save on floor space and eliminate unsightly cables, but it also negates the requirement for customised shelving.  Battery backup systems should never be floor mounted/sat on floor basement areas.

All Delta Battery Backups perform to industry guideline recommendations.

Key benefits

  • Capable of running both primary and secondary pump(s),
  • Industry leading backup power,
  • Quick charge to top-up the battery from empty,
  • Digital display to show status and comprehensive fault codes,
  • Virtually inaudible and offers tamper-proof installation,
  • Has integral Delta HLA – high level alarm,
  • Can be retrofitted,
  • Easily upgraded where greater back-up time is required.

Typical Application

Designed for use in cavity drained protection/below ground waterproofing projects.  The Delta Battery Backup and UPS is suitable for single or dual pump systems.

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