DELTA® Geo-Drain Quattro

external waterproofing drainage membrane

External waterproofing membrane, a compact 4 layer membrane system used vertically and/or horizontally. The Geo-Drain Quattro has a very high compression strength, and acts as a protection layer over flexible waterproofing. It can be used up to depths of 10 metres.

Structures that are earth retaining can be damaged by moisture penetration from the outside or by the water under hydrostatic pressure. DELTA® Membranes are available as geocomposites to deal with such problems. They act as a waterproof drainage layer, and quickly remove the water to suitable drainage around the structure. They prevent the build up of hydrostatic pressure on the structure and filter the water via an internal polypropylene filter layer.

We recommend this membrane to be applied over a primary external waterproofing layer either Deuxan 2cKoster 21 or KBE Liquid film, horizontally and vertically.

How to fix & seal the membrane

When applying vertically the membrane is fixed along the top edge every half a metre with our Geo-Drain Clips, and the flange on the edge of the roll is used to lap onto the next section and is sealed using the pre applied adhesive tape. You can cap the top of with MS-Profile which fix into the geo-drain clips.

When applying horizontally it does not need to be fixed, only laid flat on top of the primary waterproofer and sealed at the overlapped joints with the pre applied adhesive tape.

View our technical drawings below:

Vertical use

Horizontal use

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Product code:DMS006
Material:high density polyethylene
Temperature Resistance:- 30 °C to + 80 °C
Stud Height:approx. 9 mm
Roll Size:2m x 12.5m
Compressive Strength:approx. 400 kN/m2

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