Those who live by the sea know that the beauty they enjoy in the summer months and on fine, still, clear days can be countered by the inclement, rough weather that might happen in the depths of winter. Anyone looking to build a property on a sea-side plot of land has to take special care in the design of the property, in an effort to ‘future proof’ anything the elements might throw at it.

This is the case on one property built in the beautiful area of Burnham Overy Staithe in Norfolk, where an existing structure was demolished to allow for the purpose-built dwelling that includes a boat house on the ground floor, with Delta Membrane Systems supplying various materials for the project. The area is at risk from flooding, and regularly floods during spring tides and winter storms. Other properties in the neighbourhood have a ready supply of sandbags, which indicates the regularity with which adverse conditions have to be dealt with.


The new structure features thick reinforced concrete external walls that are designed to stand up to the worst of the weather, with a number of Delta products ready to offer a second line of defence. These include Delta MS500 and Delta PT to the internal faces of the walls prior to plastering. Applied to all ground floor walls, MS500 features an 8mm studded membrane, and these studs create a drainage path – allowing up to 135 litres/minute/metre of incoming water to be drained – far in excess of the likely demands. It is made from 0.6mm virgin thick high density polyethylene.

Another extremely effective and popular product from the Delta range, Delta PT Lath – which has also been selected for the project – is a high performance polyethylene meshed membrane which is extruded into a series of studs. These studs create a continuous air gap behind the waterproof membrane. On the face of the membrane a welded mesh that allows plasters and renders to bond efficiently to achieve dry and durable finishes. Delta PT-lath is watertight, resistant to high and low temperature extremes, chemically resistant to acids, alkalis, oil and solvents. It is also approved for use in drinking water applications. It can be used internally or externally on walls and vaults. Special detailing around the window and door reveals was incorporated into the designs using the MS500 and Delta PT. It can support plastering, rendering or a dry lining fixed by plaster dabs (where appropriate) in a host of applications. For the floors, Delta MS20 is being employed. This is an HDPE membrane with 20mm studs that offer an impressive compressive strength rating of 150kN/m2, and high capacity drainage to easily cope with heavy demands.

Typically, it is used in applications where extra drainage capacity is required, such as deeper structures or where a larger flow rate is likely making it ready to cope with anything the wind and tides might bring. Delta Membrane Systems also offers a variety of pumping systems, and bespoke units have been supplied to this scheme which have built in resistance to the adverse effects that salt could bring.

Case Study Results

Work has been carried out by Anglia Property Preservation – a company that has a long association with Delta Membrane Systems, offering a high level of expertise and dedication to every project it undertakes. Delta is always confident in the work carried out by Anglia Property Preservation. The result of this working collaboration is a sea-side property that allows the owners to enjoy the pleasures that come from the view in good weather, without having to worry unduly about any negatives from anything happening in bad weather. The products used in this scheme are more likely to be associated with refurbishment of basement areas, eliminating damp and bringing the rooms back to habitable conditions.

Delta Membrane Systems has, for many years, been promoting the benefits of these products for flood protection & resilience, and for the refurbishment of flood-damaged properties whether they be adjacent to the sea or rivers, or inland in low-lying areas where severe weather has caused damage.

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