DELTA® Gas Barrier System

gas barrier membrane

Reliably and permanently protects from the ghostly threat of Radon, CO2 and at the same time forms a dependable protection layer against rising damp.

With one width 4 m x 25 m DELTA®-Gas Barrier membrane can be easily and quickly installed keeping overlaps to a minimum.  DELTA®-Gas Barrier is 0.4 mm thick and is extremely durable and tough reducing the risk of damage to the membrane on installation. The anti-slip profile on both sides stabilises the sheet and optimises adhesion to mortar.  DELTA®-Gas Barrier membrane will not crack even at low temperatures being flexible it will easily bend around corners.

Offers protection not only from the radiation of radon but also CO2, and when used with DELTA® gas resistant dpc and preformed units the system offers a completely sealed solution to penetration of gases and ingress of dampness from below ground and through cavity walls.

The DELTA®-Gas Barrier system is compatible with bitumen, resistant to degradation and UV-stabilised.  Tightly sealed with products from the DELTA® range of adhesives, the DELTA® membrane becomes a barrier that is highly effective on overlaps and seams.

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Product code:DMS119
Roll Size:4m x 25m

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