Shooters Sports bar is a modern sports bar located in Neath Town Centre, a principal area of Port Talbot, Wales.   A popular venue, well known for its 6 screens showing live sports, licensed bar and pool, American pool and snooker tables.

Delta Registered Installers, Tywi Damp Proofing were first approached to offer remedial assistance with a section of wall which was experiencing severe water ingress.

The structure being of reinforced concrete and old wall construction was allowing water ingress via cracks in the structure.

Most faults in older structures which allow water ingress are either damaged or deteriorating mortars.

Any cracks in the brickwork or substrates will also allow water to enter a structure and would need addressing in creating a Grade 3, habitable space under BS8102:2009 “Code of practice for protection of below ground structures against water from the ground”.

Prior to proposing remedial works, ground water assessment, drainage and associated risk assessments were all undertaken.


After consultations with the owners, Delta’s Technical Consultant, Paul Callaghan and Tywi Damp Proofing suggested using a combined Delta System of repair mortars to address the cracks in the structure followed by a Type C Drainage System which would address any issue of future water ingress.

The active water coming through the structure at the time of inspection, can indicate a variable to high water table and therefore 2 forms of waterproofing have been incorporated for a robust “belts and braces” design.

The Delta system is a fully maintainable solution, which complies with the requirements of BS8102:2009 and can offer a Grade 3 Habitable environment.

The first aspect of this project was to “lock down the structure” in stopping active water ingress entering the structure.  Following this remedial works were undertaken.

Koster Betomor Multi A was applied to the exposed and rusting reinforced steels, which provided added protection prior to the application on the Repair Mortar Plus and cavity drainage membrane system.

Repair Mortar Plus was used to create 40mm, 90° construction joints (curved fillets) at floor/wall junctions in preparation for the Type C waterproofing system.

Once cured, Koster NB 1, a Type A, liquid applied water proofer was incorporated into the project to offer a barrier system to prevent further water ingress into the habitable environment.

This was followed by a Delta Type C Drained Protection System.  A Type C Drained Protection Systems typically removes water via a mechanical sump pump system.  Type C pumped systems should be engineered to cope with worst-case scenario water ingress. If drainage capacity is exceeded, this may result in dampness or flooding.

Case Study Results

The client was extremely pleased with the result and the project was delivered on time and in budget.

The water resistance of the structure has been drastically improved by remedial measures prior to the installation of the Type C System.

When combining systems in order to minimise the risks or negate the need for future remedial measures, consideration should always be given to the compatibility of the combining systems.  By using 2 forms of Delta products Tywi Damp Proofing were able to offer reassurances on this.

The Type C System is fully maintainable with maintenance of the drainage system being undertaken yearly by Tywi Damp Proofing.

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