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Damp Proofing – Above ground

Damp Proofing

Damp Proofing is the process in which methods are used to prevent water/water vapour from travelling through walls and floors from ground level up (rising damp). There are other ways damp can enter walls but this is the most common.

Rising damp (above ground)damp proofing

Rising damp is when water from the ground enters the structure by capillary action making its way up the walls and stops at about 3ft (approx. 1m). This is usually controlled by using a physical barrier or damp proof course (DPC) at a minimum of 150mm above ground level; this takes into consideration rain splashing onto the wall above DPC level and also elevated ground levels. If there is no DPC in place, if it has been damaged or has deteriorated then it is possible to install a remedial DPC to control the rising damp. It can only be cured by installing a chemical DPC which we can supply, Koster Crisin concentrate or Koster Crisin Cream. View video below to show how the Crisin concentrate works.

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damp proofing

rising damp proofing membraneOnce the DPC has been installed the walls will need to dry out. The rate at which the wall will dry is 1 inch per month per thickness of wall, if well ventilated and unrestricted both sides of the wall. So for example a 9 inch thick wall will take 9 months to dry out. Because of this drying out time the damp/water vapour will affect any finishes i.e. plaster, paint. To prevent this from happening you can use our PT slimline or PT Lath membrane. When fixed to the wall it creates a cavity that allows the wall to dry out and breathe. It has a mesh welded to the face of it so you can plaster, render or dot and dab on top giving a dry internal surface that can be decorated immediately.

PT Slimline

PT Lath

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