Köster NB1 Grey Waterproofing Slurry

waterproofing tanking slurry

Crystallizing mineral waterproofing slurry system for sealing against pressurized water (> 13 bar)

Watertight (>130 m water head), mineral surface coating with subsequently crystallising agents. Waterproofing layers made of KÖSTER NB 1 Grey possess excellent pressure and abrasion resistance. Approved by the building authorities and tested in accordance to the potable water guidelines. For waterproofing of areas in new buildings and in restoration.

KÖSTER NB 1 Grey is a mineral coating containing crystallising and capillary-plugging agents. It can be used for waterproofing against ground moisture, non-pressurised and pressurised water. Waterproofing undertaken with KÖSTER NB 1 Grey is characterised by excellent resistance to pressure and abrasion as well as excellent resistance to chemicals.


Waterproofing with KÖSTER NB 1 Grey should only be carried out on substrates that are free of moving cracks. The addition of KÖSTER SB-Bonding Emulsion to the mixing water or respectively the use of KÖSTER NB 1 Flex raises the ability of the material to retain water and prevents, in cases of unfavourable weatherconditions (warm, dry, drought), a premature curing of the coating. KÖSTER SB-Bonding Emulsion also introduces flexibility to the material.

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Product code:DMS178
Size:25kg bag
Coverage Rate:8m²

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