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KÖSTER Tanking Products

tanking productsKÖSTER have specialised in waterproofing / tanking products and systems for decades. These systems protect and preserve buildings and structures World Wide. Whether the subject is restoration of a heritage building, waterproofing of a new building, reinstalling failed horizontal barriers in masonry, restoration of wet basements, or waterproofing of roofs and facades, rest assured; with our comprehensive and deep product program KÖSTER have the optimum solution. Environmentally friendly products of the highest quality. KÖSTER, a responsible producer, takes great pride in preserving the environment by developing and producing environmentally friendly products through a resource saving production. Regular monitoring by third party laboratories and test certificates confirm the commitment and quality of KÖSTER.

Range of KÖSTER products we stock – (see full product list at bottom of page)

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Internal Tanking Products – Watch Video

anti lime treatmentPolysil TG500 – Deeply penetrating primer for damp, salt-containing substrates and an anti-lime treatment for new concrete. Also a liquid hardener for sealing slurries.

Repair Mortar Plus – Fast setting, expanding repair mortar for dubbing out uneven walls, filling in dry pack joints and creating curved fillets at construction angles.

NB 1 Grey Slurry – Mineral waterproofing slurry system for sealing against pressurised watertanking slurry

NB 1 Slurry Brush – Applicator brush
Disc Stirrer – Anchor paddle mixing stirrer

SB Bonding Emulsion – An additive for NB 1 grey and Repair Mortar Plus. Elastifying synthetic-dispersion for universal use in mortars, plasters, sealing slurries and concrete. Ideal for bonding bridges and gives the NB 1 and repair mortar extra adhesive and flexibility qualities.

External tanking products – View Brochureexternal tanking

Deuxan 2C – Primary waterproofer for external tanking to be applied prior to laying down/fixing our Geo-Drain Quattro, NP-Drain, MS-DrainTerraxx or Floraxx membranes.
Deuxan Stirrer – Mixing Stirrer for the Deuxan
Glass Fibre Mesh – Glass silk fabric for reinforcing coatings i.e. Deuxan

Koster 21 – White, 2 component, solvent free, multiple use crack bridging waterproofing, resistant to pressurized water and is oil resistant
Flex Fabric – Plastic fabric for reinforcing thin-layer waterproofing i.e. Koster 21

KSK SY 15 peel and stick bitumen membrane for external applicationpeel and stick bitumen

KBE Liquid Film – For foundation and intermediate waterproofing on horizontal areas of terraces, balconies, wet and moist rooms (under screeds), for priming and for sealing seams and edges of KSK SY 15 in above and below ground construction, e. g. underground garages.


Waterstop – Expanding, fast curing plugging mortar for sealing water leakages

KD 123 SystemWaterstop photo – Stops water instantly! Negative side waterproofing against pressurised water

KB Flex 200 – an innovative waterproofing system for sealing pipe penetrations and cable ducts

Quellband – Waterbar used as a waterstop in concrete construction joints. The robust strip is simply nailed onto an existing joint face before the consequent concrete pour.

Rising damp solution – View Brochure

chemical DPCCrisin Concentrate – A chemical DPC solution to combat rising damp problems at ground level and above. A concentrated, solvent free synthetic resin against capillary rising moisture in walls, independent of moisture content and salt contamination.

Crisin Concentrate Cartridges
Capillary Rods
Suction Angles


Bitumen Primer – Solvent-containing bitumen primer

KBE Liquid Film – for priming and for sealing seams and edges of KSK SY 15 in above and below ground construction

Crack Injection Products – View Brochure

crack injection resinKöster 2 IN 1 Crack injection resin – Water reactive elastic PU crack injection resin for single and two stage injection of dry and water bearing cracks and joints.

Köster PUR Polyurethane Gel – Water activated polyurethane gel for curtain and area injections as well as for waterproofing expansion and dilation joints.


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