Köster PUR Polyurethane Gel

polyurethane gel

Water activated polyurethane gel for curtain and area injections as well as for waterproofing expansion and dilation joints.

KÖSTER PUR Gel is a solvent-free, water activated polyurethane gel. Depending on the amount of water added, a highly elastic, waterproof gel or respectively hydro-gel foam is formed. After it has reacted in dilutions up to 1:10, it is resistant to pressurized water. It does not contain free isocyanides and is chemically stable after reacting. It does not contribute to corrosion.

KÖSTER PUR Gel is intended for waterproofing below ground structural elements through curtain and area injection in highly porous, jointed and cracked building materials, and for waterproofing dilation and expansion joints as well as for the sealing of cavities, waterproofing pipe couplings, pipe and cable penetrations, joints in masonry, concrete and soils. The material is specifically used as waterproofing in permanently moist environments. In other cases protect from drying out.

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Product code:DMS323

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