Köster Rainproof bitumen accelerator

rainproof external waterproofer

Having problems applying your bitumen products in the rain? This KÖSTER rainproof bitumen accelerator is the ideal solution.

Liquid accelerator for protecting freshly applied products on the basis of bitumen emulsions from rain

KÖSTER BE Rainproof forms a water-resistant film on all fresh bitumen emulsions (KÖSTER Bikuthan® 1C and 2C, KÖSTER Deuxan® Professional and 2C, KÖSTER KBE Liquid Film, KÖSTER Bitumen Emulsion). It reduces the setting time of these coatings and trowel masses. It protects the coatings from rain.

Field of application
KÖSTER BE Rainproof is used as protection from rain for freshly applied products on the basis of bitumen emulsions.

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Product code:DMS223
Coverage Rate:200g/m²

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